JJRanch is located in a small town called Hoornsterzwaag in Friesland , The Netherlands.

After living in the United States for a few years my husband ( Bjintze Jager ) and I ( Anneke de Jong) decided to go back to Holland.

However we liked a lot of things about America, we just had to take home with us. We found out about a dog called Australian shepherd. These dogs were used to bring in the horses on the ranch Anneke worked. When we started to look for our own ' aussie' we found Pincie creek farms. There they used their dogs for everything, watchdogs, companion dogs and ranchhelp. They work cattle , goats, sheep and ducks. They also used their dogs to gather stray cows out of the swamps.

So, with our very first aussie " REBA" we went back to Holland.

Pincie Creek Red Bear



Here we founded our own ' Animal farm' On the property you find  a Quarter horse, dogs ( multiple aussies), sheep, some goats and ducks. In summer we often have some cattle for grazing.

Our dogs grow up between all the livestock and know when it is time to work and when it is time to rest.

Work means : helping put the animals up for the night and move sheep from one pasture to another. Resting means also : watching tv on the couch, or just being lazy out in the yard 



From the old box :

left to right :Cowboy, Betsey,Stinger, Skip




As years went by the sport of herding with Australian Shepherds grew enormesly. We put up the first ASCA herding trials in Europe in 2003.

Bjintze was the first person from Europe to attend finals with his dog Betsey. He ended in the top 5. He has been back many times since.

Bjintze and Betsey at some finals




We both became ASCA stockdog judges in 2013. I became also AHBA herding judge in 2018.

Unfortunatly Bjintze passed away in 2014. But JJRanch lives on!

Next to organizing ASCA and AHBA trials at home, I give clinics and judge all over Europe, meeting many different people and many different dogs.


ASCA trial in Poland



Below you find a fotoshoot from 2002:

In the picture : Catahoula : Cat, Terrier mix : Fikkie. Aussies : Cowboy, Robbie, Stinger, Beast, Rowdy, Skip, Reba, Sis, on my lap ( in heat ) Dolly

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