ASCA name : RMF Blues 4 JJ

FCI name : RMF Blues 4 JJ

Born 11 September 2021

Health : clear by parentage : CEA, PRA,HSF4, MDR1

HD : A, ED : Free

Eyes cleared June 2023

The little guy came from Italy into my heart. Very determent, but easy going pup. Confident and happy, a thinker. First exposure to stock shows a very promising dog. I will see what the future holds for him.



RMF's Bart WTCH Just Plain Rock Grinder Ruff Stock Rusty Spur Ruff Stock Grey Badger
Ruff Stock Prairie Harvest
WTCH Just Plain Chai WTCH True Grit Red Apache
HOF Little Spots Keeping Up
WTCH Just Plain Red Melody Cowdogs HOF WTCH Rising Suns Quick Draw RTDcs HOF WTCH Hangintree Dude PATDcs RD RTDcs
WTCH Pincie Creek Cheryy Sota
 HOF Little Spots Keeping Up  WTCH 45 Ranch Wind Wolf PATDcs RTDcs
 Double Image At little Spot
 Tower Mtn Wild Rose  Legend Starn Sweepn Tower MTN  WTCH Legends of Tweenots Talon RTDcs  WTCH NT Connected Lucky RTDcs
 WTCH Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs
 Legends Star N Rite Up my Ally  VCH WTCH Ch Shopes Goodnight Bandit CDX RTDcs
 Diamond S Pepper
 True Grit Legends Ezlu vn Sadi e  HOF WTCH Graingers Everr ready Legends Edi  WTCH Vests Bell Star Gent
 WTCH Starstuffs Blocky Butt Bailie
 True Grit Kat Balou  WTCH True Grit Cain Chaser
 True Grit Dixie Belle

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